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Double Glazed Windows by Dawson Glazing

We supply thermally efficient windows with a high level of security, and more importantly this is our standard product. Just ask to see a sample and the specification.

We will offer you the best value double glazing products for your money, and the long term benefits of thermally efficient and secure windows far out way the negligible savings of a lower specification.

We also supply all the traditional wood effect foiled upvc, oak and mahogany. In addition we supply the full range of colour & wood effect foils, a further twelve contemporary colours of which three are real woodgrain effects.

  • Thermally efficient

Modern Double Glazing is now a completely different product to the windows offered and installed before the turn of the century.

Our windows are fabricated to a high standard, using the advanced multichamber profile in combination with glass units that have heat reflective coated glass, an Argon gas filled chamber and a non-metallic spacing bar. The end result is a much warmer room and over the long term, noticeable savings on energy bills!


  • Secured by Design hardware

Secured by Design is a Police preferred specification, which put simply is higher security locking systems.

Our windows are secure and come with key locking handles in a variety of colours, which go beyond the gold, chrome and white that most companies are only able to offer you.

  • Triple glazing

Do you want to go one step beyond? Well Dawson Glazing can offer you our Triple glazed window to achieve the A++ Rating.

So if your a property developer or are planning a passive house build, or perhaps just improving the energy efficiency and sound insulation of your home throughout, our Triple Glazed windows can help make an important difference to your home.


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